Gary Simmons

By Maurice Berger, Gary Simmons, Thelma Golden, and Franklin Sirmans

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Gary Simmons book cover

From his child-sized Klan robes and rows of empty gilded sneakers to his recent photographs of uninhabited pedagogical spaces, Gary Simmons's work contains and invokes an absence as palpable and fraught with meaning as any presence. His best known work, expansive erasure drawings containing imagery addressing issues pertaining to race, pedagogy, and culture, are sketched on blackboards and walls and then rubbed and smudged by the artist's own hands. A widely acclaimed young artist who came to prominence in the late 80s, Simmons's work in drawing and sculpture deals extensively with black identity and with imagery inspired by American popular culture, from cartoons to vernacular architecture. This catalog, the first published on the artist's work, focuses on Simmons' work since the mid-1990s.

Gary Simmons: Ghost House

By Gary Simmons

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Gary Simmons: Ghost House book cover

Simmons worked with SITE Santa Fe as an artist-in-residence in May 2001, when he created Ghost House, a cycle of drawings executed on the reconditioned walls of an uninhabited farmhouse situated on the 25,000-acre Ruby Ranch outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Ghost House has been photographed and is the subject of a forthcoming catalogue published by Santa Fe. The full-color, 63 page catalogue includes an essay by Avery Gordon, associate professor of sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Paradise (25 Year Monograph)

Damiani Press

Paradise (front cover)